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Waffles on a Stick or Lolly waffle maker

Part Number VH.WSI.01
Waffles on a Stick or Lolly waffle maker
Commercial waffle on a stick waffle maker
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This commercial waffle on a stick or lolly waffle maker is a proven successful product. This intriguing and unique product is a hit with customers of all ages. It's a great idea for birthday parties, school parties, fundraisers etc. The heavy Cast Iron baking plates ensure a perfect baking result time after time. The heavy cast iron grid holds enough heat to keep the lolly waffle during baking perfect within the baking window. The constant baking temperature provides a proper baked crispy waffle on a stick. This professional waffle maker is specially designed for the demanding waffle baker and offers:

  • Uncoated cast iron baking plates.
  • Non-Reversible plates
  • Waffle grid Layout : 3 waffles
  • Stainless steel base
  • Stainless steel drip tray
  • Fixed mounted baking plates
  • On/Off switch
  • Thermostat 0 - 300 Degrees Celcius
  • Pilot light
  • Height adjustable feet
The waffle on a stick is a wonderful product to add to your existing waffle menu, the lolly waffle is very appealing to kids and has a wonderful taste.
This commercial VH waffle maker bakes 3 waffle on a stick waffles at a time in just under 3 minutes. One machine will allow you to bake up to 60 waffles per hour. 

You don’t have to worry that the grid is scratched or damaged when you remove the waffles or during cleaning. The Cast Iron grid of the lolly waffle maker is indestructible, when needed you can use a waffle fork, fork or even knife. When the non-stick seasoning layer on the cast iron baking grid is damaged, you don’t have to worry. The non-stick seasoning layer repairs itself when baking more waffles. After a couple day’s the scratch completely disappears. 

Try our Waffle on a Stick waffle dough to make perfect lolly waffles. Our commercial mix is made in Belgium and just needs water. 

Consider our starter packs, the package is complete. Lolly waffle maker , lolly waffle mix and sticks. When you sold all the waffles that are included into your starter pack, you completely paid for the entire purchase. This low risk investment provides you an opening into the world of the waffle bakers. The waffle on a stick is a very profitable waffle with a profit rate of up to 600% and more (depending toppings).

Place your order now, or contact us for further details. . 
Watch out for low quality Chinese VH copies (similar front) ! These lolly waffle makers are not made by VH and have poor baking quality.
All VH commercial waffle makers for waffle on a stick or lolly waffle are shipped from Belgium !

EXTRA included with every lolly waffle maker (FREE OF CHARGE)

  • Metal Cleaning brush.
  • VH English User manual.
  • The lolly waffle maker is special hand packed for export to maximize the protection of your device.

We charge NO credit card fees or handeling fees or export fees for direct on-line purchases.

when purchasing 2 or more waffle makers to USA, CANADA

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